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Automata 1

This project has characters based on Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men, a popular puppet show on television in the 1950’s.

They have been changed bit to suit building on a 3D printer and the original Weed character is now a Flower which has a flower head that is lifted when Bill pours water on it from his watering can.

The characters are animated with a series of simple cams beneath, with Ben waving to Bill as he arrives garden fork in hand.  Bill is busy watering the flower which responds by lifting its head as the water soaks in.

Construction is straight forward, guided by the drawings shown here. The motion is geared down three to one to slow the motions as they seemed all a little quick when driven directly.

Printer: Zortrax M200

Rafts: Yes

Supports: some

Resolution: 0.19 and .09

Infill: Medium

You will need 1 of each STL part except for the following:-

Arm upper 4

Arm Lower 4

Heads 2

Hair 2

Hats 2

Bills Legs 2

Bens Legs 2

You will need some extra components to complete the build :-

1 piece Ø 3 mm steel rod 188 mm long

4 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 8 mm long

4 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 16 mm long

Ø1mm soft wire (paper clip) for the Hook in Bens Shoulder and the ties in the Flower.

Acetone to solvent bond  some of the parts together.

Automata 1 STL files are in 5 groups, Box, Cam shaft, Flower, Bill,Ben.

Use the drawings opposite as a guide for where the components fit into the assembly.


Bill and Ben watering Flower STL Files






BB-01.JPG BB-02.JPG BB-03.JPG BB-04.JPG DSC_0071.JPG