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Automata 4

Ben on his own this time, rides around the clock on his Unicycle. After their stint at the Gym I thought I would try to get some more movement into the character, so the idea formed of movement along a circular path would be straight forward to achieve but a bit boring, so I had him move a minute hand of a clock around a Dial and introduced the gears to turn the hour hand as well. He can now be used to teach a child to tell the time as well as providing some amusement.

A 3:1 ratio pair of Bevel gears drive the Unicycle around and the friction between the wheel and the top face of the box drives the legs around on the pedals.

Printer: Zortrax M200

Rafts: Yes

Supports: some

Resolution: 0.19 and .09

Infill: Medium

You will need 1 of each STL part except for the following:-

Arm upper 2

Arm Lower 2

Hand 2

Legs 2

Sock 2

Shoe 2

Box side 3

You will need some extra components to complete the build :-

3 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 52 mm long

2 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 26 mm long

2 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 20 mm long

3 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 15 mm long

5 piece Ø 2 mm steel rod 10 mm long

Acetone to solvent bond  some of the parts together.

Drills Ø2 mm  for the holes that need to be a tight fit.

Drills Ø2.2 mm for the holes that need to be a loose fit.

Automata 4 STL files can be downloaded here.

Use the drawings opposite as a guide for where the components fit into the assembly.


Automata-4-Build Sequence.jpg