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Automata 2

Bill and Ben in a wheelbarrow race with a bewildered Flower  shaking her head between them.

It took a while to finally get this one finished, but it does have an interesting arrangement of gears and Cams to drive the characters.

Again the construction is straight forward, guided by the drawings shown here, only needing a 3D printer and some Ø2 mm rod for the pivots, pins and shafts.

Printer: Zortrax M200

Rafts: Yes

Supports: some

Resolution: 0.19 and .09

Infill: Medium

You will need some extra components to complete the build :-

Ø2 mm steel Rod for pivots etc

Acetone to solvent bond  some of the parts together.

Drills Ø2 mm  for the holes that need to be a tight fit.

Drills Ø2.2 mm for the holes that need to be a loose fit.

Automata 2 STL files can be downloaded here.

Use the drawings opposite as a guide for where the components fit into the assembly.


Automa-2--Flower.jpg Automata-2-6.JPG Automata-2-7.JPG