I designed this tape dispenser for use with a medical tape called 3M Micropore 2.5cm . Its ideal for all those little cuts you get on your fingers, nearly every day it seems.

It was designed with 2 things in mind, the first was that it should be easy to get a hold of the end of the tape without having to peel it from the reel each time, and the  second was to keep the sticky end relatively clean between uses, and of course it needed to cut through the tape easy.

It is pretty much a conventional design, up until the addition of the roller out front. This has the tape wrapped around it as it leaves the reel on its way to the cutting teeth at the front. With the tape installed and wrapped around this way it can be carried around relatively clean, ready for use . To use it rest the thumb on the top of the reel and roll it back slightly, the end of the tape pops up ready for you to pick up, pull out and tear-off. That's it job done tape stuck to the teeth ready to use again or put away.

I finally made it in 4 parts after several try's, starting with 2 parts, finished up with this part arrangement with the 2 sides being solvent bonded together with the Roller fitted to the front first and then the Drum with the Tape reel fitted snapped into place last.

The dispenser is big enough to take a Tape reel 2.5cm wide by 10 meters long.

Tape dispenser

Tape-Dispenser-exploded-1.jpg Tape-Dispenser-tail-rolled-out.jpg

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